A brand is not just a logo and a logo is not a random shape made out of desperation. It’s the face and frontier that separates one business from the other. It’s a meticulously created identity package that requires all the right importance as much as the business itself. Brand image is not what owners think, but rather what customers feel about your business and that’s where Waxim comes into play. We make your Brands possible.

Social Media Ads

Internet doesn’t require an introduction, it has been reaching multitude ever since its inception and today with affordable mobile internet packages, social media has become one of the easiest and direct marketing tool. We provide affordable monthly packages for social media ads that cater to your needs by reaching the target audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Advertising Campaigns

Often a simple one time ad won’t be enough for brands to get their intended reach and result. Ad Campaigns make sure that your ads are not missed by your potential customers, by placing ads on multiple platforms be it print or social media or OOH. We create campaigns that fruitions by incorporating platforms defined by the product or client requirement.

Web Designing

A website for your new business is no more a novelty; it’s a pretty basic aspect of digital representation. Need a website as part of Branding or even as a standalone project? We are happy to help.